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All bikes above are for 99% Sealed Road - 1% Smooth Gravel Hwy Use - No forest or rough dirt road riding.


At UEK Motorcycle Rentals, we offer the latest model motorcycles, all brand new bikes, fully equipped for you to enjoy your motorcycling holiday or adventure in Australia. Whether you want to cruise the East Coast on one of our latest model Harley-Davidsons or have an off-road adventure in Australia's outback on a BMW or KTM adv bikes, we have the motorcycle to suit your needs. For your peace of mind we use the best fleet insurance company in Australia money can buy.

UEK Motorcycle Rentals also hire luggage, riding gear and accessories to complement your travelling requirements.

UEK Motorcycle Rentals is located in Sydney, near the airport, an excellent starting point for any trip in Australia. Sydney is Australia's largest and oldest city, with a population of around 4 million. Set on the world's finest natural harbour, it is a cosmopolitan metropolis and international gateway to Australia. Just 65 kms west of Sydney the Blue Mountains form part of the Great Dividing Range, a mountain range which runs almost the entire length of Australia's east coast. For more, read Ride In Australia